Our Products


The Noninvasive System

Using a physics-guided deep learning method, Precision MedCare developed a system for noninvasive detection of liver fibrosis. The new system analyzes ultrasound images to automatically identify stages of liver fibrosis with high accuracy. The new system is compatible with most Doppler ultrasound machines and helps doctors with high-accuracy detection of early-stage liver fibrosis as well as liver cirrhosis. 


Quantitative staging of liver biopsy in machine learning

Liver biopsy images contain information about the degree of fibrosis expansion in the liver tissue. Using deep learning algorithms, we develop a system that quantifies the degree of fibrosis expansion. This system can help doctors and researchers analyzing liver biopsies and set a uniform data standard for the degree of liver fibrosis using biopsies.


Cloud Computing

Precision MedCare Cloud platform is a cloud-based computing and storage platform. This platform incorporates cutting-edge machine learning and deep learning modules to support online real-time diagnostics and store medical images for building machine learning models. 

The Precision MedCare Cloud platform also make thousands of standard biopsy images available to doctors and researchers. Images can be accessed at any time anywhere. Our cloud platform empowers doctors and researchers to better diagnose and treat patients.